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Dearomatization system

Dearomatization system

OTS engineering systems offers a special device, a filter which is used for removal of sulphurous gases (dearomatization).

The Filter for sulphurous gases has the active protective layer of filtering material containing special activated carbon selecting sulfur, which must be replaced only when the performance of the filtering material is completely low.

Activated carbon by OTS ™ is produced under the strict quality control, where the most advanced research and development of special grades of carbon-based coal is applied.

It is activated by a controlled process and comprehensively pre-treated with chemical reagents specifically designed to remove hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans in the stream of vapors, where hydrocarbons are present.

OTS-Guardfilter™ Dearomatization System

Process of dearomatization H2S and mercaptan filter for sulfur gases 


Purified gas


The incoming gas containing H2S and mercaptans

     The loaded gas containing mercaptans and H2S enters dearomatizing  unit at the bottom of the reactor vessel.

Sulfur components are adsorbed on the surface of the reactor in the layer of special activated carbon, and the purified gas leaves the reactor at the top.

OTS-Guardfilter™Dearomatizing System
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