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Maintenance service

Maintenance service

Even high-quality equipment requires maintenance from time to time. Monitoring the work of the equipment and timely maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs and replacement of spare parts in the future. Moreover such measures help to provide a high level of security.

OTS engineering systems offers services of maintenance and repair of:

  • Oil treatment units (Heater Treater, UPSB)
  • Petroleum vapor recuperation units
  • Petroleum vapor dearomatization systems
  • Water treatment plants (filters, flotation-filtration systems, flotators)

We offer maintenance of equipment supplied both by OTS and other producers.

The standard maintenance service package of the plants includes:  

  • 1-2 visits to the enterprise per year
  • Opportunity to book necessary spare parts for the repair works

Maintenance service of oil, gas and water treatment equipment

After arriving to the site, the service engineer of our engineering systems will examine the equipment in general and will control its work. If there are any failures found the engineer will make the repair works as quick as possible. If there are any spare parts needed the engineer will order them. Those customers ordering maintenance service of our engineering systems will get full assistance of the service engineer in booking the necessary spare parts. Moreover such customers receive spare parts first of all. It means that their repair works are realized faster than those from other customers.

“High-Priority Visit” Service

If there are any urgent failures of the equipment there is no need to wait as you can use our service of the “urgent” or “high-priority” visit. The expert of our engineering systems will arrive at the site within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends and holidays. The engineer of our engineering systems will examine carefully all the equipment and find out where the failure is to fix it. If necessary the engineer will change or repair spare parts or equipment.

The main advantages of maintenance service and repair at OTS engineering systems are as follows:

  • The staff of our engineering systems have many years of experience repairing oil refining installations
  • Customers get an opportunity to book necessary spare parts
  • We offer a service of “High-priority visit”

Experts of our engineering systems provide services of maintenance and repair in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.