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/ Starting up of oil treatment plants in Russia
Starting up of oil treatment plants in Russia

Starting up of oil treatment plants in Russia

Starting up of the equipment is the final stage of the installation works requiring high qualification of staff, experience in solution of the problems and questions appearing during the works as well as their careful attention to the process.  The lifetime of the equipment depends on the quality of the starting up works.  

OTS engineering systems offers services of testing works and launch of oil refining plants.

OTS engineering systems offers the following services:

  • Equipment testing after the completion of installation supervision
  • Vacuum evaporation and filling systems with working environments
  • BREAK-systems on different modes
  • Сontrol panels adjustment
  • Training of the staff by means of lectures and practical classes to work with the system

Before putting the equipment into operation we previously agree the time and schedules with the customer.

Our engineering systems realizes starting up of:

  • Complex oil treatment systems
  • Vapor recuperation and recovery systems
  • Petroleum vapor dearomatization systems
  • Water treatment plants

You can order the services of starting up both along with the services of installation supervision and maintenance service or separately.

The advantages of cooperation with OTS engineering systems:

  • Qualified staff
  • Extensive experience in the field of oil treatment
  • High-quality works
  • Starting up of the equipment in the shortest possible time period

Working with OTS engineering systems you can be sure in the quality of all our products, services and strict control of the project deadlines.